Over the last several months, more Americans have quit their jobs than at any other time in history. 2021年11月,4.5 million workers voluntarily left their jobs,” according to the 劳工统计局.   

销售职位是受影响最大的职业之一. 消费者购买行为的转变, 赔偿纠纷, and obstinate employer expectations were among the top reasons salespeople cited for seeking new employment or a different career path. We also see that attrition typically hap笔 during the first six months of work.  

The question for sales leadership is: “What can you do to mitigate this attrition rate and grow during this great resignation?” This blog will discuss six tips to help you evolve your approach to retain and better prepare your sales teams to grow revenue during the great resignation.   

1. Provide an Outstanding Onboarding and Proactive Training Experience   

在今天的市场, the potential employee is interviewing the potential employer just as much as the employer is interviewing the employee. This means putting your best foot forward to set the right impression of your business. It also means getting your onboarding process right the first time—especially if you’re 虚拟环境中的招聘和入职. 提供一个积极的, hands-on onboarding experience that demonstrates how much you value the new hire’s trust and excitement for joining your organization.   

Ensure the employee has the following before orientation day:   

  • 收到了一个带有公司手册的欢迎包裹, 一个无缝的路径来接收所有必需的登录信息, 还有品牌的chotchke(就像一顶帽子, 杯子, 笔, 垫纸, 等.)   
  • Received all the required technology needed to perform their job, 就像一台笔记本电脑, 监控, 耳机+麦克风.   
  • There are no issues logging into their systems and video conferencing software.   

在训练, 确保突出公司业务的关键要素, 喜欢的文化, 你的公司是如何赚钱的, 重要的方法, 以及你的组织正在推动的kpi. 除了传统的培训项目之外, streamline your new hire’s time to be fully autonomous and perform successful sales calls. 实施辅导计划, 电话辅导练习, 降级的培训, 虚拟销售的最佳实践, 还有客户电话评估. 这确保了他们始终如一地推动每一个电话的价值, 表演完美的说话/听的比例, 并关闭无缝.   


  • Set your rep up for success with all the tools and techniques specific to your organization  
  • 展示出实现目标的清晰途径   

2. Create Flexible, Tailored Com笔ation Plans for the First Six Months  

The goal of your new rep’s first six months should be to adopt the behaviors that you want to drive long-term success. 即使销售不一定会实现, it’s the approach to how your sales rep is navigating the calls that matter most. Have a variable commission or bonus structure in place and the base pay.   

例如, 在特定级别保证奖金, like a 90% bonus at 90% performance or 110% at 110% performance for the first six months. You may also cut the probationary period short for high-performing employees. Again, this should be predicated on new hires performing at the standards of the existing team.  

3. 如果可能,提供混合或完全远程销售职位  

Remote work can be done with the right equipment, tools, and support. This saves businesses money and results in greater employee satisfaction. A 研究在家工作的好处 found that remote employees were more productive and led healthier lifestyles.   

However, you shouldn’t require remote work for your sales staff. Of course, during the ongoing pandemic, safety is paramount, and your office may still be closed. 如果你的办公室最终对员工开放, 为他们提供在混合环境中工作的机会, so they have the freedom to work either remotely or in the office, 只要他们把工作做完. 在管理远程/混合型团队时,会遇到挑战, the retention and recruiting benefits are enormous in the long run.  

4. 利用你的技术专注于持续培训   

随着虚拟的兴起, many organizations have adopted internal communication technology, 像微软的团队, Mitel, 或思科网讯, making it easy to record sales calls and proactively observe how your sales reps perform on calls. This provides ample opportunity to pinpoint and provide proactive training to continuously sharpen your team’s skills.   

The use of internal communication software also enables your teams to get answers to their questions. 因为答案永远都在聊天中, it creates an FAQ that your team can use to improve their processes and approaches.   

5. 提供更多的灵活性来吸引高性能人才  

Traditionally, the sales profession is a full-time position in an office setting. 自大流行开始以来, many talented salespeople may not be able to work in an office full time, due to physical restrictions or the need to care for their loved ones or a child. 根据一项 LinkedIn最近的调查, 50% of respondents said that flexibility of hours or location has become more important to them, post-COVID, 寻找新工作机会时. 

But, this does not mean that performance must suffer as a result. 事实上,在 Gartner最近的一项研究, for employees who work a standard 40-hour workweek in the office, 只有36%的员工是优秀员工. When organizations shift from this environment to one of flexibility where employees have choice over where, 当, 以及它们起多大作用, 55%的员工表现出色. This level of flexibility will not only improve productivity and revenue performance but will also promote a better work-life balance for your employees.  

Another great tactic to attract new faces to your sales organization is to offer sign-on and referral bonuses to recruit new hires and targeted retention incentives for employees who stay past the probationary period and achieve specific performance criteria.  

6. 与第三方专业销售团队合作  

外包你的销售团队有很多好处, 例如降低间接费用, 更可行的见解, 并且大大减少了创收的时间. If you’re still struggling to find qualified team members and need to quickly scale your capabilities to handle your sales pipeline, 你可以外包这些工作. 要想了解更多关于如何提高销售额的知识, 预约一个澳博体育app专家的电话 




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